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Troika was formed in 1984 when I met fiddler Marek Miszcyk at Dartington College of Arts. Steve Gleed and Bridget Ansell joined us on fiddle clarinet and domras and we started performing at folk clubs, festivals and arts centres throughout the UK. We appeared on radio and TV a few times and did a short tour of Belgium. We recorded four albums of music of our arrangements of Russian, Ukranian, Moldavian and Romanian dance music. Later I produced a compilation CD of the best of these albums. This is still available. Around 1989 Merlin Shepherd joined us on clarinet and we included more klezmer in the repertoire, but we never satisfactorily replaced him when he left to play with The Burning Bush. We still perform as a trio occasionally, but I don't actively promote the band at present.

Troika circa 1990
On the steppes.

A Whole Lotta Lvov

A Whole Lotta Lvov
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email me for a copy

This CD contains our top twenty tracks recorded during the 80's. They are arrangements of dance tunes from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldavia with a couple of Jewish items. They range from traditional renditions to our own arrangements with influences from Indian music and minimalism. Many fine musicians are included on the CD including John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin playing bass balalaika!


Bell tune.mp3

JPJ plays balalaika bass! mp3