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A tribute to Edith Piaf

Djamila is a wonderful singer from France. She grew up in the sunny south and came to England in 1991 bringing some of that sunshine with her.
From an early age she was heavily influenced by the songs of Edith Piaf, and found she could relate directly to feelings and sentiments in her music. Not unlike Edith Piaf she has had her share of life's joys and tradegies and this is evident from her performances which are totally heartfelt and committed.

That commitment is matched by Basil's accompaniment on accordion. He is a player of sensitivity and passion perfectly suited to this music.

Basil has played at hundreds venues all over England with his East European band, Troika, and abroad with balalaika virtuoso John Holden. As an accordionist Basil has always had an admiration for French 'musette' accordion, and this partnership with Djamila oozes French atmosphere

Voici Basil.  Il est dans le jardin.


French musette accordion conjures images of Paris as any film maker will tell you.  The accordion began to be used in Paris around 1900 as an accompaniment to bagpipes or 'musette' which was popular for rustic dances in the capital. Between the wars the accordion became established in it's own right and hundreds if not thousands of tunes were written for it.  It continued to be popular after the war but has declined in the last few decades, although there will always be staunch supporters of the instrument and its music.  Basil is one such supporter because, for a keyboard instrument it has unmatched powers of expression - in the right hands of course- and the music is generally melodically superb with characteristic rhythms and harmonies.